Such Days As These

[Such Days As These] – Stephen Dobyns Such days as these – radiant afternoons in late fall, the weather so mild that you can sit in the backyard and let the sun caress your face. No leaves, of course. An early frost …

Waiting for Ansel

Looking over Snake River. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.


Canis lupus

We’d stopped along Yellowstone Lake to catch a spectacular sunset paint the mountains in the distance a fiery shade of blush. A minute after getting back in the car, a wolf trotted down the road, and right past the car. …


Buffalo Bill State Park, 3 Panoramas

Fuji X-E2 motion panoramas: JPEGs out of the camera. First and second images were given a +20 contrast bump in Lightroom. Nothing else was done to them.



Cody, Wyoming.


Tie Siding and personal history

Just outside of Laramie, Wyoming, is a tiny hamlet called Tie Siding. A general store which doubles as a post office with a big shed selling fireworks, is all there is on the side of the road. Miss it in a blink.