The edge

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“Do one thing every day that scares you.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt Today, I properly closed a ten year chapter of my life. The math screamed “wrong!” Judgement said “you’re an idiot.” A probable future me said “Nup, shouldn’t have done that.” Tension fled. The mind sagged, relieved. The heart kicked back with a margarita and said “fuck it. Let the games begin.”  

States of being

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I didn’t shoot a single still frame the whole of December. Largely due to making the XF 16-55mm F2.8 promo movie, but that was a more productive photographic dry period than usual. I don’t invoke these dry periods deliberately; they happen when my brain has had enough of one kind of input – in this case, photographic – and they last for various lengths of time. Much has been …

Georgetown, Penang

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Singapore and Malaysia have a history of mutual distrust. Nevertheless, being only a kilometre apart, the two nations have strong cultural and social ties, and a lot of Singaporeans have family in Malaysia. On a personal level, both my parents were Malaysian before leaving to find a better life in Singapore. I’ve spent a lot of time in Malaysia as a kid, but I’ve not experienced much …

2 Years A Vagabond

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On 17 January 2015, I celebrated my second anniversary on the road. Two years have gone by so quickly, this realisation hit and ran. I have absolutely nothing profound to say about the last two years. It’s been a whirlwind, one that’s often left me staggering from the highs and lows. It’s always intense. Life is unpredictable. I’m still catching my breath, and my memories. A timeline of …

A clear moon over Truchas

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November 2014, New Mexico The High Road to Taos traverses some spectacular landscapes – from the soft hues of the high deserts to the alpine lushness of the mountains. It’s the landscape of my dreams. Promises of unbroken silences abound, a picturesque prospect of peace. Along this road, lies a little town called Truchas. It has a fascinating formative history, some of which is still reality, owing to geographical isolation. Its quietness whispers discovery …