The High Road

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Singapore, December 2015 I haven’t lived in Singapore since 1999, but have spent a significant amount of time there in the last 3 years. It’s a topsy turvy process, confronting the strangeness of the superficially familiar. It’s easy for me to say “I’m Singaporean” everywhere, except in Singapore, because it’s there that the phrase makes no sense.

Captures from Colombo

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November 2015 Colombo was white hot and turbulent slate by turns. We picked Sri Lanka on a whim. It was somewhere neither Flemming nor I had been before, and didn’t cost a fortune to get to from Singapore, where we were at the time. I was looking forward to my habitual approach to anywhere new: walk around the city everyday, get to know its rhythms, and learn something about it. Hopefully make a few decent pictures along the way. While I generally do a fair bit of walking everywhere I can, two things slowed the frequency of daily peregrination: first, the weather. Colombo in its cool season scorches the way Singapore does in July, the height of tropical heat. The ceaseless wet heat sucks the energy from your bones with every step that you take. I was …

chaos in the club

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One of the things I never kind of expected to do, was shoot inside a nightclub… in Singapore. I spent most of my childhood here chafing at all of the things I wasn’t supposed to do or be or think about or whatever, that whenever I get away with doing my own thing, I’m a little shocked. (Yes, I have issues) François K night at club kyo back in December. Many thanks to the good people at kyo who let Flemming and I in to shoot for the evening. Fujifilm X-T1, XF 23mm f1.4 | 1.5 sec, f9, ISO 5000