After 6 months of not shooting at all, what I’m mostly doing now, is taking pictures of light on surfaces. If that surface is a human, it makes for a better frame, but it doesn’t have to be. The creep …


Dakota Crescent, December 2016.


On returning home

Singapore Home is so often the hardest place to return to. As I celebrate 4 years on the road, I’ve noted feeling something suspiciously akin to gladness at being in Singapore. This is unusual for me, given the isolation of …


Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef

Bryce Canyon National Park was the first proper post-jetlag, now-we’re-getting-sleep-and-have-balance hiking we did. We walked around for hours among the hoodoos and great towering cliffs, breathing deeply, lucky to be there at this point in time, enjoying the magnificence of the …


Valby to Vegas

The grey ended in spectacular fashion, during my last week in Denmark. There was glorious sunshine, and Flemming and I got back to Valby (a suburb of Copenhagen where his sister, who kindly hosts us gypsies, lives) in time to catch the trees …


The endless grey

Nordjylland, Danmark It’s been about two weeks since I’ve seen any sun. The sky has been a flat not-quite white which fades to black at night, and lightens to an evening shade of grey when it becomes day. It weighs more when a drizzle …


One night in Copenhagen

I walked around the center of Copenhagen for hours today. And realized with a jolt, that after all the time I’ve spent here – every summer for the last 3 years – I’ve never been out in it on my …


The ticketing interlude

The first thing that hits as you when you enter the ticketing area of Belgrade’s main station is the smell of piss, then the sudden muting of the urban bustle just outside its walls. We walked in, didn’t see any signs we knew how …



It pissed down all day, the skies soggy like my feet. St. Sava Church, monumental in the true scale of the word, a veined marble behemoth calmly dwarfing the surrounding urban motley. The church of St. Sava has been under some stage of construction since the society …


Belgrade Day 4: No rest for the wicked

Some days I succumb to fatigue and leave it to do with me, what it will. Thoughts are dark, dreams of even less light. Just walking out the damn door is a challenge. I see-saw at that inside-outside threshold like a wary animal. Outside …

Funny business

At the Museo Casa Diego Rivera, Diego and I were equally bewildered.