Building blocks

I haven’t stopped shooting since I’ve been in Guanajuato. The UNESCO Heritage Listed city itself is unbelievably beautiful, with that gorgeous colonial architecture framing an exhilarating assemblage of shapes and colors. It is impossible to ignore and for anyone who is visually inclined, an unending pleasure. Most of all, it’s impossible to ignore …



Awakened from a nap by a stream of music, some singing and what sounded like jumping around, I found the above scene in our kitchen here in Guanajuato. What’s going on, you ask? It’s Fujifilm X-Photographer Flemming Bo Jensen giving up photography. …



November 2015, Sri Lanka “Those carriages are from Romania,” said the little old man next to me. “They are fifty years old.” I’d scooted over on the long station bench to make room when he shuffled by. He sat between me and a man on …


Jumping Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA. Fujifilm X-Pro 2, XF 27mm f2.8 | 1/600 sec, f13, ISO 200


Fujifilm X-Pro 2: She’s got it where it counts, kid

It was exquisite. I spent a whole day in late October last year, doing nothing but hitting “refresh” on DHL’s tracking site, willing the courier to make it to my door in under 12 parsecs. So lifting the pre-production model of the new X-Pro 2 out …