In Transit

2009 – present

In constant motion from one temporary abode to another, urban transportation is the default filter I encounter much of the world through, with windows holding it at bay. Back in 2009, I started taking pictures on the bus on my daily commute to and from work. It was something to do, like reading, or sleeping, and gave me a way to look more closely while passing by. I never felt quite at home in Perth, Western Australia, despite the 14 years I lived there. It was, and continues to be, a slightly surreal place, rife with odd vibes and a strange transparency.

I never understood what it was I was photographing, but that was part of the fascination. Looking at slices of strangers’ lives in passing became a (bad?) habit that never really went away. Years later, on my perpetual travels to places where language and orientation elude me, I am still watching life happen while on my way elsewhere.

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