Looking Out

Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 2015 A bisected inside-outside view from the train, as it pulled into Colombo Fort Station. There was no light in Colombo I found as beautiful as that inside trains. Gentled by carriage surfaces, the tropical sun brushed faces, bodies, hands, cloud like. Fujifilm X-Pro 2, XF 27mm F2.8More


November 2015, Sri Lanka “Those carriages are from Romania,” said the little old man next to me. “They are fifty years old.” I’d scooted over on the long station bench to make room when he shuffled by. He sat between me and a man on the other side, birdlike, ancient, watching with interest while I took pictures of the carriages. There was…More

Fujifilm X-Pro 2: She’s got it where it counts, kid

It was exquisite. I spent a whole day in late October last year, doing nothing but hitting “refresh” on DHL’s tracking site, willing the courier to make it to my door in under 12 parsecs. So lifting the pre-production model of the new X-Pro 2 out of its packing was a hotly anticipated moment. Picking up the X-Pro 2 for the…More

Captures from Colombo

November 2015 Colombo was white hot and turbulent slate by turns. We picked Sri Lanka on a whim. It was somewhere neither Flemming nor I had been before, and didn’t cost a fortune to get to from Singapore, where we were at the time. I was looking forward to my habitual approach to anywhere new: walk around the city everyday, get to know…More

The Fujinon XF 35mm F2 | A Lens With A Certain Flare

I’ve had the new XF 35mm F2 lens from Fujifilm on loan for the last month, while Flemming and I were in Colombo, Sri Lanka. There’s nothing quite like taking new gear (to say nothing of the mind) for a spin in a fresh destination. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this lens. Plenty has been written about what…More

It never rains…

This is our last day in Colombo, and the weather gods are unhappy. It’s been pouring over the couple of days, owing an atmospheric disturbance off the western coast. “The highest reported rainfall since 2005 brings a cascade of rain causing many areas in the Colombo city to come to a standstill. The havoc caused with the…More

Train | Colombo, Sri Lanka

I daresay that when I finally had the dosh to get myself a real camera, all those years ago, I wanted to make pictures like this: of someone drawing the light around herself with such magnetism that mundane objects are lifted on that glamour, time stops, and I find myself wanting to go and ask her…More