Void deck, Singapore. Public spaces are private spaces. Fujifilm X-T1, XF 35mm F2 | 1/80 sec, f2, ISO 4000


The Fog

Fog is not something I’ve often seen in Perth. It was a different season when this photo was taken, from the scorching summer that is present reality. Part of the Suburbia project.

An incidence of green

Cortez is a town in Colorado that is backed by tall mountains in the distance. I never get tired of mountain backdrops, snow capped, baldly jagged, always imposing. They represent to me, a different and wilder kind of life, being the sort of scenes I’d only seen through on a screen …


Singapore Suburbia.


Suburbia #30 – Coffee and Magic HQ

June somehow ended up being mega suburban month. This project will be continuing with a less intense frequency here on, but for the last of this month-long daily gander, here’s a little snippet of my suburban Singapore life, inside one of these flats I’ve been posting about …

Suburbia #29

A musician’s dog occupies a chair next to his master (hidden behind the panel), backstage at the Hokkien opera. Tanglin Halt, Singapore. Part of the Suburbia series

Suburbia #28

Seattle, USA Part of the Suburbia series

Suburbia #27

Train station Singapore. Part of the Suburbia series

Suburbia #26

A lady walks by a pillar cut-out in a void deck, talking on the phone. Singapore. Part of the Suburbia series

Suburbia #25

This could be a scene from the 80s. I’ve not seen shops with these old school signs and folding doors since I was a little child. Incidentally this one occupies what would otherwise be a void deck space, in an older block of flats.  The …

Suburbia #24

On the bus, Singapore. Part of the Suburbia series