1. Thanks Charlie :) I do find it very comfortable to use, although during this trip, the AF lag was driving me batty (before 2.0 firmware update). Small and innocuous for the win! I’d love having 35mm and 85mm equivalent lenses for it though. Mmmmmmm gear… ;)

    1. A thumbs up from the Jedi master! Thanks mate :)

      You and Brian *shakes head* Hell yes there was lag. And bloody awful lag that sorely tested patience it was too. Which is why some of the images above were manually focused. I got this anticipation gig ;)

  1. Very well done Charlene [ i hope you saw the story American Rodeo by Eric K in RC ] – this is very good and has your voice all over in the content and execution. I am impressed :) very very well done – are there more :)

    1. Aw thanks Ray :) Yes there are a few more but this is a summary of the highlights, so to speak – I spent most of the time indulging my very thrilled 10 year old self, more than thinking seriously about what I was doing. Yes I definitely saw American Rodeo in RC… it was a memorable piece.

  2. Love this set of shots. Number 3 really speaks to me – it conveys such a strong sense of … anticipation, and preparation.

    I’ve never been to a rodeo, but it sounds like an interesting place to try and deal with shutter lag!

    1. Thanks JP :) I would totally recommend checking a rodeo out if you have the opportunity, it’s good fun.

      It was autofocus lag. I eventually just turned the autofocus off and pretended I was using a Leica, hehehe

  3. great pics, as always, a great story…………looks like you’re having the time of your life Charlene :)

    1. I sure was back in September (when these are from), and all other things being equal, New Mexico round 2 should be just as good, or even better :) Are you going to be around those parts anytime soon?

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