Sub Seattle


Wandering with photographers in their home towns, getting unique insight into their perspectives about the places that they live, is something I’ve always appreciated and hope to continue doing all throughout my wanderings.

Seattle isn’t strictly Jacob Lucas‘ home town – small world that it is, he’s actually from Perth – but he’s lived there long enough to be familiar with the varieties of local beer and where to find them. So, a fair while.

Jacob and I went for a long photowalk the weekend past, and much to my pleasant surprise, he suggested going to shoot the subway. It was Sunday, and with a big NFL event going on, the stations were largely deserted. That worked out well, allowing us to work our way from one station to the next at leisure, uninterrupted by the press of a crowd, including chatting with a couple of rather friendly security guards. Being used to getting flak from security (and occasionally, other commuters) for shooting on public transport as I am, it was certainly a welcome change.




We did finally emerge above ground after a couple of hours of this to amble through Chinatown and the waterfront, before ending our walk in reverent Australian fashion, with a Sunday session drink at the pub.

Thanks for a great day out Jacob, and the introduction to some pretty decent beer too.



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