The Streets of Washington DC

I have a funny relationship with cities. I was born, raised, and have lived all my life in cities. I find them visually intriguing for their grit, geometry, tightly packed chaos and human contradiction. But I also associate them with a certain kind of perspective on life that drives me up the wall, and makes me want to run screaming into the wilderness. I always end up returning to cities though, because they possess a particular variety of richness that is found nowhere else.

So with that division in my mind, I headed to Washington DC. I expected DC to be as dry as the things I connect with it – politics and military. What I found instead, was an urban space rich in diversity and raw expression.

And a swathe of photographers. A big, big shout out to John Nelson, Chris, Matt, Josh and Aziz from the Strata Collective, and Diriki – for the warmest welcome any photographer could ask for to your city, and also for inspiring me to do the best street shooting I’ve done to date.

See you all when I come back!










  1. Nice! Thanks for the shout out. Love that first image, and the last one too as it kind of mirrors the chaos that is Chinatown.

    1. Cheers mate :) That last shot would have been complete if I could have managed to include Matt in it, seeing how it’s his corner. Heh!

  2. You made DC your own for the brief time you were here. Anyway, the first image and the portraits I can’t help but return to.

    1. Could not have done it without all of you. You guys made it a most excellent experience. I so have to come back… soon! (And maybe check out some museums, and Abe, next time around)

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