Friday Noir: Through The Long Night


Those of you who have been either reading my blog or shooting with me for a while know of my affinity for wandering the streets at night with a camera. It’s been a solitary endeavour for many years in a mostly suburban Australian setting, but a different city offers a different experience. Copenhagen has cityscapes which are a complete departure from what I’m used to, both night and day…. and I had a model too. Inspired by Mark Krajnak‘s Friday Noir series, Flemming and I created a set of images one night and sent them to Mark, who has dedicated today’s Friday Noir to one of them with a wonderful short story (as is customary of the Friday Noir series) and background write up. Make sure you check it out here:

JerseyStyle Photography

(c) CharleneWinfred-FlemmingNoir-092013_5118

He stepped out of the dark and into the shadows.

The relentlessness of the rain finally tapered, then ended.

Gray light filtered through. An upturned collar against the chill.

It’s all down the straight line now, she had said.

Gotta keep movin’, he had said. ‘Cause then they can’t catch me.

If only my heart were stone, he thought.

Borrowed time in a borrowed world.

The night drags on in the black city.

When your dreams are of some world that never was or some world that never will be…

And you’re happy again, then you’ll have given up.

You can’t give up.



Usually my Friday Noir features stand on their own – and image, a story – and that’s it.

This one though is a little different, as you can tell. No tell-tale fedora. No typical spark of the Zippo.

Oh but what a great image!

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