Somewhere down the crazy river…

Yeah, I can see it now
The distant red neon shivered in the heat
I was feeling like a stranger in a strange land
You know where people play games with the night
God, it was too hot to sleep….
– Robbie Robertson, Somewhere Down The Crazy River

Singapore. Home to eternally anxious masses, the surprising things also found in public spaces: 

  • Privacy
  • Personal space
  • Reprieve from the heat of everything that makes you forget that you, and everyone else, are flesh and blood.

Walking by night, breath and step in alternating time, and struggle to hold the disintegrating memory of what is outside this perfect architecture together.



4 thoughts on “Somewhere down the crazy river…

    1. I do not think I know this song, must hear it (is there guitar?)

      Finding privacy and personal space and quiet here is so startling and rewarding that when it happens – it feels surreal, like a pocket of time that must be enjoyed, soon the Matrix of Singapore will fill this space as well with people and traffic.

    2. I think the guitar appears in the first 2 seconds of the music video. Hehehehe.

      There is no escape from the Matrix. It is a Borg cube. Resistence is futile. Your only hope, if you’re lucky enough to be defective, is Unimatrix Zero.

      (I’ll leave you to google that one)

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