On Rocking

July 2013, Copenhagen: Two days after I got to Copenhagen, I was hanging out on Dronning Louises Bro (Queen Louise’s Bridge) with Flemming when the lady in the picture walked by.

My tshirt, which bore “Born To Rock” in large print, caught her eye.

“I like your shirt,” she said as I took the photo. “I too, was born to rock.”



13 thoughts on “On Rocking

  1. I went by at the very same spot, today, most people had the same smile on their face – springtime in sunny Copenhagen is magic! :-)

    1. I was there as well yesterday, magic afternoon, although a bit cold for a body used to Singaporean climate. Also, Flemming, your name is highly confusing, I may need to change mine to Luke Skywalker now :)

    2. Flemming & Flemming,
      I am hearing about this cold, sunny weather from where I am sweating it out in the soon-to-be-drought-ridden tropics (as ironic as that is) and it sounds heavenly. Of course everyone has a smile on their face! Also, you two have probably cycled past each other a few times already. You should meet :)

    3. Flemming (Windekilde),
      Let Flemming Skywalker and I know if you’re gonna be hanging out on hipster bridge next week, as I’ll be in town. I’m not entirely sure what this handbag thing is about. Must be a weird Jedi thing :)

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