1. I went by at the very same spot, today, most people had the same smile on their face – springtime in sunny Copenhagen is magic! :-)

    1. I was there as well yesterday, magic afternoon, although a bit cold for a body used to Singaporean climate. Also, Flemming, your name is highly confusing, I may need to change mine to Luke Skywalker now :)

    2. Flemming & Flemming,
      I am hearing about this cold, sunny weather from where I am sweating it out in the soon-to-be-drought-ridden tropics (as ironic as that is) and it sounds heavenly. Of course everyone has a smile on their face! Also, you two have probably cycled past each other a few times already. You should meet :)

    3. Flemming (Windekilde),
      Let Flemming Skywalker and I know if you’re gonna be hanging out on hipster bridge next week, as I’ll be in town. I’m not entirely sure what this handbag thing is about. Must be a weird Jedi thing :)

    1. It always is, and always feels like a gift, no matter how many times it happens :)

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