Flemming had the much anticipated  Fujinon XF 56mm F1.2 on loan from Fuji Nordic for the last few weeks, so I borrowed it for a few minutes one sunny afternoon here in Copenhagen (we know what I’m like with gear, so I minimize contact with others’ equipment).

The razor thin depth of field that is f1.2: at close range, controlling my breathing, I barely managed to get the desired 5 eye lashes in that left eye, in focus. 

f1.2 is very sweet.


    1. Charlene says:


  1. Brian Miller says:

    I count 6 eyelashes. ;)

    1. Charlene says:

      You’re just being smart now ;)

      1. Brian Miller says:

        You noticed!!! It’s working!!!

      2. Charlene says:

        *victory sign*

        Wooo hooo! ;)

    2. They’re homegrown too. I like how the shallow DOF removes most of old I mean ‘character’ lines in my face.

      1. Charlene says:

        I’m a fan of lines :)

  2. Diego says:

    Fantastic shot!!!!

    1. Charlene says:


  3. Erin Wilson says:

    I’ve had this tab open for a couple weeks now. There’s a sweetness to it I just love.

    Steady hands on you, girl. Impressive!

    1. Charlene says:

      This one might have been a manual focus job too, I think. It is very sweet. I felt very sad when Flemming had to give it back. It would have been fun to go out shooting everything at f1.2!

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