Picture pages are writing pages (new notebook)


(Preview shows selected pages only)

I’ve been wanting to make this sort of a journal for a couple of years now. The first incarnation of this was the Gulls journal, almost 3 years old now. I was happy with it (as was my sister, the person I made it for), but it felt wrong that the picture pages were so visibly separate from the writeable pages, so don’t-touch-me. I wanted to make a notebook that encouraged writing on, around, or over the printed content. I like notebooks like this, and I can’t find enough of them.

Hence Air & Water: it’s a 94 page trade (6 x 9 inch) journal (get it here). Every page is a picture page, which makes all picture pages writing pages. There’s plenty of space to write in. And there are birds to colour in, doodle over or draw moustaches on to help you through your writer’s block.

The title? It comes from a post I once wrote for my sister.




4 thoughts on “Picture pages are writing pages (new notebook)

  1. They don’t ship here :(
    Sad panda.

    A few years ago I bought a “photo book journal” called Walls. It was great. Once I got past the horror of writing in it, I was never faced with the wall of a blank page.

    Nicely done, amiga. As always.

    1. “The horror of writing in it”


      I’ll mail you a copy. It may take 6 months to get to you, but you’ll get it eventually!

      I hope there’ll be no horror associated with writing in this one :)

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