Fuji X day, Copenhagen

March 2014, Copenhagen: For an aspiring nomad, I’ve done no travelling at all for the last 5 months. Heading to Copenhagen for a couple of weeks in the middle of March for my first duty as an official Fuji X-Photographer among other things, kicked this gypsy back in action.  

22 March was a Fuji ambassador event held in Copenhagen by Fuji Danmark, which Flemming and I had the pleasure of presenting at. We also ran a mini street photography workshop, where participants got to take a variety of Fuji X series cameras out to play with on the streets of Copenhagen.


I’ve never done any public speaking, or talked about what, how and why I shoot, before. To some surprise, instead of a nerve wracking experience (especially since, or maybe because, I was sick as a dog at the time), I found being a presenter for a brand I am invested in and now represent, immensely enjoyable.

Fuji Danmark printed up some of our images, large, to showcase. It was a little bit exciting to see our work at A3-ish size and handed around the room for everyone to check out up close. I’ve not printed any of my images from 2013 to present – everything in these three galleries – so it was very satisfactory to see them in tangible form.

Large prints of our work
Large prints of our work

Two of my favourite portraits got a lot of attention:

ISO 1000 in broad daylight, clean as a whistle
ISO 1000 in broad daylight

There were a few participants who were rather intrigued by the image of Mark Kirkpatrick (above, left), foreman of Llano River Ranch in Texas and good friend of Jerod Foster‘s, commenting that he could easily be a classic cowboy character from a century ago. Because I have bad ISO habits, both images were shot at ISO 1000 in broad daylight, and clean as a whistle. I love that the X-Pro 1 allows me to get away with doing that.

Flemming got an early birthday present from Fuji – a spanking new X-T1, which he’s pretty happy about:


All in all, it was a fabulous day for us. I am grateful to have the opportunity to be part of a Fuji Danmark event, even though I am represented by Fuji in Singapore. So far, I’ve had refreshingly open dialogue with Fuji Japan, Danmark (and Nordic by extension, based in Stockholm) and Singapore. The lack of delineation and generally collaborative approach of Fuji is very pleasant, and I hope to be a part of many more such projects.

(More details on Flemming’s blog)

Two very happy time travelling Fuji X-Photographers. Photo: Ib Thordal
Two very happy time travelling Fuji X-Photographers. Photo: Ib Thordal


6 thoughts on “Fuji X day, Copenhagen

  1. What a truly magical day. Loved how into it everyone was at the workshop, everyone grabbed cameras and off they went. And well done for making it through the day, sick as a dog, meant a lot.

    Your prints were a standout that caught everyones eye! And so did your battered camera :)

  2. I’m a fellow Fuji user from Sweden, I just wanted to say Hi after following you and Flemming for a while. It’s a relief to read people who post interesting pictures instead of blogging about testing their equipment. Hopefully my camera will one day be as battered as yours! I’m impressed that you managed to manual focus the XF 35 mm; the fly by wire focusing is hopeless in my opinion. A real manual focus lens on the Fuji would be nice though …

    1. Hej Håkan :) You’ll have to elaborate on what a real manual focus lens is, as I didn’t realize there was a difference. I’m pretty impressed that I managed to manually focus the 35mm too, as my eyesight isn’t that great! I’ve done it a few times now so I’m fairly certain it’s not a fluke. Most of the time anyway…

  3. Hej! I mean one that was made before the era of autofocus. I’ve tried some, though not on my X-T1, and the focus feel was fantastic compared to AF or fly by wire lenses.

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