Meta and the Cornerstones

6 June 2013, Montréal: At the Montreal Jazz Festival last summer, David Rowicz and I wandered across a reggae band that was doing a soundcheck. Neither of us knew who they were, but the soundcheck sounded so good, we decided we had to see the actual show. 

They were Meta and the Cornerstones, and their performance blew me away. At the end of that hour, I was a fan.

Today I discovered that the picture above made it onto their website. It’s the second photo on their Live Shows gallery (the site is Flash, so no direct linkage, sadly).

2nd photo in this slideshow:
2nd photo in this slideshow:

I didn’t get paid for that picture, and none of the photographers who took any of the pictures in their live shows gallery got credit. But one picture in exchange for an hour’s submersion in great music?

I’d do it anytime.

Peace, Love & Harmoney. Rock on Meta and the Cornerstones!