Screen Test

I’ve only been to Moore & Moore Cafe twice in the time I’ve lived in Western Australia, and in my head, it is the place that serves up the best chai latte I’ve had to date (their food is pretty good too). I brought Flemming there recently and blew most of my USD $10 daily food budget on a pot of chai latte for two (AUD $8).

It was worth it though. Not only for the chai, which is still really good, but also for the great atmosphere and luscious light that came streaming in the doorway, where we were seated. Good thing I had a movie star on hand to take advantage of the situation with!






    1. Coming from the person who did that exceptional pool playing series, that is high praise. Thanks Diriki :)

  1. Charlene, they definitely are cinematic. Like a lush late ’50s or early ’60s era film. Flemming Bo is reminiscent of a Peter O’Toole type.

    Were you shooting film here? Of course, there’s some grain and dust/imperfections in the frames, though they add to it.

    That’s some beautiful light though. Glad you grabbed it!

    1. The light is pretty special here, i gotta say. I guess the statement is helped by my having lived here for so long :)

      Nope, no film. Still shooting with my old beat up X-pro 1 and 35 mm. The dust and scratches were added in post.

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