Birthday Pictures

My sister Chris lays emotional claim to my pictures of seagulls.

“They’re my birds,” she says of the ones that were in the big book of pictures I once gave her for Christmas.

In honour of Chris’ birthday today, I went out to make gull pictures. I found the one above, and a different picture below, to remind us of the fisherman who left a hole in our collective universe.

This is Chris’ first birthday with no “Happy Birthday darling” from her Daddy, punctuating the day.

Much love, big sis.


PS, your journal akan datang!

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.
~Author Unknown


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  1. Christina Winfred says:

    Thank you baby Sis.

    Really love the last picture. Just like me, prettily sitting there looking out across the oceans missing my sisters.

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