Dark nights, bright lights

It watches
In transit
Behind bars
Dreaming of home

Perth, Western Australia



8 thoughts on “Dark nights, bright lights

      1. Yeah such a relief after summer! We shot last Fri at a saltlake just east of Rockingham & the clouds, typical for this time of year, formed an awesome backdrop along with the other worldliness of the lake. As long as the rain holds off its great ;-)

  1. I particularly love the first shot (well and the second one!). Growing up in the country, I still find big cities and highrises at night to be fascinating and otherworldly. I still gaze at them and wonder “how can they exist? Why do they not fall over?”

    And I also think “thank the maker I no longer work in one!” :)

    1. When I came to live in Perth in 1999 (first contact with deep suburbia), I was astounded. Everything was so LOW. There were 2 skyscrapers downtown. Hell, downtown didn’t radiate much beyond those 2 skyscrapers. A whole lotta sky. A whole lot of no-people. A whole lotta river, and sea, and beach. A whole lotta SPACE.

      I’d seen this before but the idea that I was going to be living there was completely mindblowing. I was definitely on another continent. Different color temp, tint and hell, frame rate.

      PS, I chuckle in sympathy with your last sentence.

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