Happy hour

Apparently, it ain’t so happy in some parts.

Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

My thanks to Ib Thordal and Fuji Denmark for the loan of the XE-2 and 56mm f1.2 that was used in the making of this picture. My X-Pro 1 is showing signs of eventual failure (more on this later), and the Danish Fuji office very kindly lent me some gear for the summer so I can deliver whole images to the music festivals that Flemming and I will be shooting for the next couple of months.



2 thoughts on “Happy hour

  1. Ah, you’ve got the 56 mm! I hope to see a lot of images from it. There’s just one lens I would like to try and that’s the one. Too expensive for now …

    1. It’s a beautiful lens I must say. This one is a loaner though, and not one I will own anytime soon (if ever) since I will be needing a new body very soon.

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