Headless Man goes to town

April 2013, New Mexico, USA

It all started with the image above, while we were in New Mexico last year. While he was chimping at an award winning (no doubt!) shot of Shiprock, it was discovered that Flemming can tuck his chin into his chest like no other.

July 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

We (and Headless Man) went to town when I got to Copenhagen. Headless Man had the time of his life in the big smoke. Here he is checking out the floating lights leading to the Carlsberg tower in Carlsberg City (Mmmmm, beer…)

Headless Man with the Fuji X100

But he got distracted by a big red truck on the way to beer.

Having no head though, he didn’t see the very unimpressed truck driver napping in the cab.

Not seeing was also a problem when he tried to make a run from said truck driver: pesky things called walls got in the way.


Lamp posts did too:


Deciding that moving vehicles were too hard for someone without a head, he climbs into dumpster to avoid further detection.


He spends all night in the dumpster, and at daybreak, satisfied that he was safe, he climbed out and continued his exploration of Copenhagen, stopping to photograph a sunrise.


You have to give it to Headless man, not having eyes doesn’t stop him getting into photography!

He made it to Carlsberg City, where he stopped to consider how useful it might be to have a head…


…as all the statues had them, and he started to feel like he might be missing out.


Even the four legged ones had heads. And what heads they were! Headless Man has a soft spot for animals, especially the ones significant to Denmark, like elephants.


It was the first time Headless Man had seriously considered giving up his identity as the only known member of a unique species.


He took some time out to reflect on the consequences of a life changing decision by the lakes.


But it was not a decision easily made. He decided to ponder it while exploring more of the city.

And in doing so, he made a mindblowing discovery.

He was not alone!!!! All through history, others like him have walked through these cobbled streets!

In the museums:


In Strøget, among the international head-bearing legions:


Headless Man was ecstatic.


He had found his tribe.

It was time to celebrate.


Note: These should have been posted a year ago, but Flemming and I had as much fun reliving it in this blog post as we had making it. We hope you’ve had a good chuckle as well.


  1. Absolutely hilarious, Headless Man was one helluva fun project. Especially shooting in the museum and on Strøget ! A shame that Headless Man never got to apply for the Mars One project, but maybe he will get to go into space another time :)

    1. Charlene says:

      We must do a Headless Man goes to space movie one day. I still really want to do this!

  2. edward says:

    Oh my goodness. A brilliant idea that you two came up with. The most creative blog post accompanied by a set of cleverly scripted images. Well done. Should make this into a fun photo book.

    1. Charlene says:

      Thanks Ed!

  3. Erin Wilson says:


    I love the way you two do life.

    1. Charlene says:

      Like you do Erin, with love and laughter :)

  4. Charlie says:

    Hahah! I can totally visualise you guys doing this too..

    1. Charlene says:

      Oh yeah, it’s no different from the regular goofing around we do. It just elicits more looks is all :D

    1. Charlene says:

      Cheers Adam!

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