Movie theatre

Going to the movies in Britton is a weekend-only affair. There’s a tiny, old school cinema on the main drag, called The Strand. It’s open  Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and shows one movie per weekend. Show titles are changed by hand. Movies are sponsored by local businesses, and new releases are only possibilities (until they’re sponsored, I assume). To someone whose understanding of cinema showings are entirely that of profit-driven commercial cinemas in big cities, the Strand is whimsical and entirely surprising.

I wanted to watch a movie, any movie, in the Strand so badly. Had Flemming and I arrived in Britton an hour earlier, we would have been in time to catch Sunday’s showing of that weekend’s flavour: Guardians of the Galaxy. 

But I suppose there’s a reason the TARDIS is so named.

We’ll have to make sure we get tickets, the next time we’re in town.

Britton, South Dakota.



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