Memory, dog

“Daisy never left my side. We took long, long walks into the fields surrounding our farm… That is my happy place in my mind, my home, refuge when the shadows catch up and it is time to run again, when, like now, I am homesick for a home that no longer exists, when I have time-traveled too much alone for too many years on too many planets, when the world spins too fast, when I am lost in a great sea of darkness. Then I walk into the field. With Daisy.”
To Be a Kid Again: Luke and Chewie

Flemming relives an old memory, with Ben. It may just be particular affinity, but there is great comfort to be had, with a dog.



2 thoughts on “Memory, dog

    1. Considering how far great uncle Carl wandered, I’m pretty sure he would have stood on Swift Peak many a time through his life. I like to think that Butch came along to keep him company :)

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