A Wild Welcome to Yellowstone

We’d just driven through the eastern park gates, armed with a map of Yellowstone and a hat tip from the attending ranger. A moment later, along the road that hugged the mountain, ambled a bison.

CharleneWinfred-Yellowstone (2 of 6)

A real one.

CharleneWinfred-Yellowstone (3 of 6)

Shaggy hide, horns and all.

CharleneWinfred-Yellowstone (4 of 6)

Out for his morning stroll among the strange, boxy animals with animated internals that frequented his territory.

CharleneWinfred-Yellowstone (5 of 6)

They kept stopping right in his path, darned inconvenient things.

CharleneWinfred-Yellowstone (6 of 6)

He’d never get to his morning coffee at this rate.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.



4 thoughts on “A Wild Welcome to Yellowstone

    1. It was indeed. The only thought running through my mind at the point we saw it walk past the first of the line of stopped vehicles we were in, was “Someone please explain what I am seeing.”

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