Some kind of paradise

When you cruise down the main street of Truth or Consequences, you’re greeted by vintage signs from which paint peels, a multitude of empty shopfronts, and a hazy-Sunday vibe. It’s the closest city to Spaceport America, but walking around the streets, it feels as though most of the town hasn’t realized that half a century’s gone by since it went from being Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences, for the honour of hosting an NBC show of the same name.

T or C is a mandatory destination in New Mexico for Flemming and I, although neither of us have visited one of the many hot springs for which the town was originally named, its major attraction. When we’re in town, Desert View Inn is home (hi Hans!), veggie waffles at Passion Pie Cafe are default breakfast, and and wandering aimlessly around town and exploring its surroundings is the aim of the game. It sounds like a quiet, uneventful time.

But something always happens in Truth or Consequences. Without fail, in the six or seven times we’ve been there over the last couple of years, there have been heaps of characters to run into: a yodelling Englishman who goes by a German name, a tye dye clothing merchant, artists, writers, a descendant of Geronimo, a high school rodeo student president and his amazing mother…. I could go on. And everyone will stop to tell you something offbeat, and usually incredible, about how they came to live in this town.

Every truth begets a consequence. It is irresistible.


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