Such Days As These

[Such Days As These]

Stephen Dobyns

Such days as these – radiant afternoons in late fall,
the weather so mild that you can sit in the backyard
and let the sun caress your face. No leaves, of
course. An early frost has finished the flowers
though some marigolds are left along the path. Just
last week there were snow flurries, and storms are
stranding travelers in the Midwest. These gifts that
arrive in late season – a sudden rush of happiness,
bursts of creative work, even an unforeseen love
affair. Already winter has laid its finger on your
cheek and now comes this reprieve. It would be
foolish to think it more than brief. It would be
foolish to make plans. You have just this
afternoon – the thing itself. You rest your head
against the back of your chair and shut your eyes.
Behind your closed lids the light turns pink. Then
some noise distracts you and you lift your head. The
pines extend their shadows across the lawn. How
soon the sun begins to set.


  1. Mark says:

    Very nice. Image and words!

    1. charlene says:

      Thank you Mark. I can’t take credit for the words: Stephen Dobyns is a genius.

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