Zack Christ in Color

Zack Christ. Bas Under Buen, Aarhus

Some months ago I posted a black and white portrait of Zack Christ. It appeared he rather liked the picture too.

I love black and white portraits, and I try to make them all the time. But I am influenced too much by the colour of things, still unable to concentrate only on form and contrast, ignoring the bias of hue and shade.

This rings true of this picture too. So here it is, with original impression and intention intact.

Try again next time.

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  1. For some photographs, colour is part of the story. I love b+w too (my fist love + introduction to photography), and think your b+w version of this is quite good. But I’m so glad you posted the colour version!

    To me, there is so much story in his hair…that I missed in the other version. The subtle variations of colour speak of a different kind of expressionism + artistry than music.


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      This portrait was definitely all about colour: flaming hair, ice eyes, brass necklace, riot shirt. If I had managed to ignore the colour it would have been a very different photograph I think.

      You’re right about the hair!

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      Thank you! I’m getting better at this portraiture thing… a little vignette of a person, in a moment.

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