A devotee offers prayers at the Goddess of Mercy Temple in Georgetown. Built around 1800 by the Hokkien and Cantonese, it is Penang’s oldest temple and ‘home’ to 87 gods of the Taoist, Buddhist and Confucianist faiths.

Penang, Malaysia.



6 thoughts on “Prayers

    1. No didn’t go there… but yikes, that would be quite something to see! We never left Georgetown in the 3 weeks we were there – didn’t need to really. Next time we’ll have to venture beyond the capital’s confines and see what the rest of Penang is like.

  1. Nice Photo. I put this up as my home screen. Hope you don’t mind. Thinking about getting an XT10. Your reviews are helping me get closer to a decision.

    1. Hello Joe, and thanks for stoping by. Ultimately I think you can’t go wrong with a camera from any major camera manufacturer. We sometimes place so much emphasis on all the little tech details that we forget photographers were making great photos with much less than anything we’ve got today. Good luck with your decision!

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