When I snapped this photo back in 2013 in Frederiksborg Slot, it was because I couldn’t resist the analogy of knights and shining armor begging to be made (and the light falling on both was beautiful). But our lives aren’t half as burdened as those who live in distress, and/or fight in enough metal to construct a car with.

The thing that was probably going through my head at the time of this shot, having used nothing but a 50mm for over a year, would have been “gee, things look weird in wide angle.”

Photo: Fuji X-Pro 1, XF 18mm f2



8 thoughts on “Iron

  1. Weird but definitely wonderful! I dunno… people say that 50 is closest to the field of view of the human eye. Well, yes… maybe one eye… but I’ve got two eyes and I see in 28!

    Great photo. Did you try the suit on?

    1. Heh, I think the visor alone would have floored me, David! It wasn’t as big as the perspective of the shot suggests, but I think two of me could have gotten into that suit.

    2. Haha! Yes, probably. I suspect from the traces of cobwebs on the visor that it hasn’t been worn for centuries :OP

  2. So much story in this photograph. Layers and layers. Looking out/looking in. Hugeness when shielded/smallness when not. Ancient past/present. Yes, the light is fabulous (those reflection in the armour are far more subtle than your usual, but still seem to be a signature of sorts) but also all those delicious vertical lines…again toying with heavy and delicate.


    1. We’re acutely aware of our own frailty. Finding measures against it all the time. One day we’re going to become the aliens in all big-bad-alien blockbusters.

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