Get In The Loop – How To Make Great Music Images | Flemming Bo Jensen

Music Photographers, GET IN THE LOOP – How To Make Great Music Images is a newly released ebook by Flemming Bo Jensen! Read more and buy it here:

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I’ve worked a lot of gigs with Flemming, over the past 2 years, from the very first gig at Trailerpark in 2013, to Distortion 2015 most recently. Everything (and more!) that I’ve learnt about shooting these sorts of events is condensed into this hefty book.

There are 220 pages discussing:

  • How to get started :: How to get in the loop! How to create your portfolio, get known, get paid.
  • Preparations :: How to prepare, client meetings, prepping gear, venue, light, stage, sound checks, being in the pit.
  • Camera tips :: Everything from ISO, lenses, exposure, metering, aperture, shutter speed, to not chimping on stage.
  • Processing and delivering :: Covers processing, software, filtering and a step by step run-through of my workflow.
  • The guts of shooting :: The most important part – make awesome pictures! Covers style, storytelling, light, action, audience.
  • 46 of Flemming’s images :: Behind the scenes of 46 images with full analysis and technical details.
  • Contracts :: There is a lot of debate about contracts. Flemming tells you what he thinks, and what he does
  • Post Processing :: How Flemming post processes his images, with several step by step examples.
  • In my bag :: Most important thing – earplugs! Oh yeah, the camera+lenses. Flemming runs through his entire kit for a gig.


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