chaos in the club

One of the things I never kind of expected to do, was shoot inside a nightclub… in Singapore. I spent most of my childhood here chafing at all of the things I wasn’t supposed to do or be or think about or whatever, that whenever I get away with doing my own thing, I’m a little shocked.

(Yes, I have issues)

François K night at club kyo back in December. Many thanks to the good people at kyo who let Flemming and I in to shoot for the evening.

Fujifilm X-T1, XF 23mm f1.4 | 1.5 sec, f9, ISO 5000

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  1. Fabulous shot, Charlene. I do like her still face highlighted by all the blurry dynamics around her. Maybe your absence from these activities when you were younger gives you a special perspective on them now… like visiting a foreign country gets my photo juices flowing.

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