Belgrade in Transit

I’ve been shooting from transport – mostly the public variety – for a long time. Travelling by bus or train has been something I’ve done my whole life, and the ebbs and flows of commuting are familiar, no matter where in the world I am. I’ve shot from buses, trains, planes, ferries, tug boats, and tuk tuks. In Belgrade, I get to add the trams to that list.

The No 2 tram does a ring around old Belgrade. A ticket costs 89 Serbian dinars (just under USD $1), and is valid for 90 minutes within the zone. My ticket to ride.






  1. Love your style and colors! Is it classic chrome, vsco plugin or your own “homemade” lightroom settings?
    Your work proves we don’t have to travel far away to shoot beautiful things! Thanks

    1. There’s all kinds of travel. They don’t have to involve great distances, although that variety provides different opportunities for growth.

      Home-made Lightroom muckery, all of it. I never use plugins (they’re expensive), with the sole exception being Nik (since it’s free), and that novelty wore off very quickly!

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