It pissed down all day, the skies soggy like my feet. St. Sava Church, monumental in the true scale of the word, a veined marble behemoth calmly dwarfing the surrounding urban motley. The church of St. Sava has been under some stage of construction since the society was that was created for this purpose, was founded in 1895. Wars, I hear, get in the way of such things.


Its exterior was completed around 2009, but its interior is bare hulking bone, a cavernous jangle of protective sheeting, studio lights and an infestation of TV cabling – the high-speed IV for that night’s service broadcast. On its rough-hewn stone floor, oblivious to the production in progress, devout and day trippers alike busied, lighting candles, taking snapshots, selfies, and shelter from the rain.

We slipped back out into wet, chased by reverberations from the rehearsing choir, and make sodden tracks home on the No. 2 tram. Stepping into the the tungsten warmth of our temporary abode, we are saved.

Savamala's Ghost Panda - a project of small scale interventions
Savamala’s Ghost Panda – City Acupuncture small scale interventions



  1. Greg says:

    With a couple notable exceptions, Belgrade seems heavy in your images compared to Guanajuato, as if the latter depicted as smoke would rise gaily into blue skies and the former drift listless along grey pave’. I’m sure it says something I do not want to look at too closely that I’m inclined to find more muse in the grey.

    In any event, I am enjoying the more frequent posts.

    1. Charlene says:

      Maybe so. It’s a different place, with a different history, and the light is also more muted here. Not so much of that blazing mountain sun in Guanajuato.

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