The start of something new

So, no one called me out on it, but in the interest of disclosure, I will ‘fess up: I lied.

Know how I said the skates in the last post were K2s? Well, they’re not. Those are my old Rollerblades. *

My K2s were squat and bull like, soft boot and hard cuff. On their own they reminded me of a crouched beast, all bunched muscle waiting to spring.

Just like the new K2s I got 2 days ago, pictured above.

Midtowns are a less aggressive skate than the old Fattys – they’re called lifestyle skates, I’ve learnt, durable all rounders – but they still have that broad base, built in soul plates, and a cut in the frame if I really wanted to stick a pair of little wheels and grind plates on them. I think my days of jumping on curbs and things are well past, but there’s plenty of fun to be had on 8 wheels yet.

I’ve taken a tumble in them already, on my maiden cruise around a short stretch of path in the park. Laughed myself silly and jumped back up – legs might be completely out of condition, but I can still fall well!

Exactly half a lifetime later, I’m back on wheels, for better or worse.


There was a camera procured to celebrate those old Fattys when Serena (laughing in the background of the last post’s heading picture) and I got a pair each. But I don’t have those pictures, so made do with that one.