Close enough

Belgrade, Serbia

It’s all in the wheels. Trains, buses, cars, bikes, skates… and trams. I can’t get enough of trams in Belgrade. The clank and sway of the half-century old tram cars on the No.2 line and the smooth contemporariness of the others, with their air-conditioning, free WiFi, and padded quiet.

I often wonder why I’m so drawn to making pictures on transport. I can tell you about how it started (something to do on the way to work), and I can show you all manner of pictures made over the years when this became a little more than just that. But I think that there is also an element of recognition in all of this: the limbo between leaving and arriving. The point at which the past is left and possibilities abound, the mosiac that will become whatever version of the future we arrive into.

The city flashes by. The rhythm of motion is soothing, addictive if you fear the gravity of stillness. But it disconnects – you can never get close enough. The looking glass taunts with its very function. We are always on our way.