The endless grey

Nordjylland, Danmark

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve seen any sun. The sky has been a flat not-quite white which fades to black at night, and lightens to an evening shade of grey when it becomes day. It weighs more when a drizzle wanders in, but that is all the change there is. Fog and mist and rain are a hair’s breadth from being the same thing.

Shadows are barely perceptible, but the trees that have their leaves are a deep green, and others shedding their foliage are unrepentantly gold. The passage of the season is clearer to me right now than that of a day. The light never shifts except to evaporate at night and coagulate again in the next morning, washing the world dimly. Time is seeing a dark cloud in the great grey. That at least, has semblance of narration: a build up, a climax, a conclusion.

I’m perpetually groggy: by the time I’m half awake, it’s off to bed for the night.

I wake to stark lines, frost and so much crisp openness and solitude that to say I am grateful, doesn’t even begin to explain the expanding of my heart in this place.

The cold, like no autumn I’ve ever experienced, slices right under my skin and cuts the core of me. I dream of open roads, an unending blue canopy and shadows that cut. But a part of me doesn’t want to leave this bare, dim world that offers so much rest.

This, I am told, isn’t yet winter.



7 thoughts on “The endless grey

  1. Beautifully written. You really describe the mood. I think autumn/winter in Denmark/southern Sweden are much more depressing than further north, where I live.

  2. Yeah, definitely. The worst thing is humidity + cold, like in Denmark and southern Sweden. The further north you go, the better it gets.

    1. Yes, I have heard this mentioned by Norwegians. It would certainly be a different kind of winter further north, albeit reasonably colder!

  3. There is a lot of debate in the web about the actual optical quality of the xf 23mm f2 WR lens.

    I talked yesterday elsewhere (end of summer blog) that my copy of the XF 23 F2 was not good in the MFD section. Today I got a new copy. Wow – I have to say that is now nearly on par with the XF35 F2 WR in the close distance sector. The XF35 F2 has a little better contrast and there is not so much difference between the results from 2.0 to 5.6 or higher apertures. All good now with the 23 mm – Jpegs and RAWs. I have made some pixelpeeping tests (xpro2 FW 2.00, mech shutter tripod MFD, 0.6 feet, 1.0 feet, 1.5 feet away from the scene etc.) and I am fine with it. Sorry Charlene, this was the last time I adress this topic :-)

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