A change of tide?

​I mark 4 years of this nomad life in a few days.

I’ve always celebrated this particular anniversary in the hardest place to travel: back home. January is a difficult month.

This January has been different though. I marked the first day of 2017 with friends I missed, and went to fetch Flemming from the airport, after a month of him being elsewhere, all in the same day.

Last night I met a wonderful group of local photographers from Her Side Of The Street, a global street photography community. In the course of photographic conversation, I started to think that I might one day figure out a way home.



8 thoughts on “A change of tide?

  1. So does this mean you are looking conclude the vagabond life Charlene? Can’t see it myself but fully get it if that’s the play for the future!

    Great shot by the way Treasure! :)

    1. Gods no, I hope the vagabond life keeps going strong for a long time yet. Regardless, it would be good to stop fighting the ties that bind.

  2. What beautiful clouds! I can really see them move.

    Since you and Flemming travel so much, have you ever been to Georgia? I mean the country south of Russia, not the U. S. state. I might go there later this year to visit some friends. Have you any advice — do this in Georgia, don’t do that, etc?

    1. Neither of us have been Håkan, so no advice to share, sadly. I’d be keen to hear what your experience is like if you do go. A friend in Serbia can’t recommend Georgia highly enough.

  3. Follow your inner muse Charlene. I am fascinated by your choice of life style plus, I love your documentation of your travels, emotional content and seeing this game of life through your eyes. Cheers to you and Fleming. Mike

  4. It seems like everyone who has been to Georgia likes it. The only advice I’ve got is “Don’t eat too much” :)

    I will happily tell you what it was like when I’m back!

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