Day 2 of 100, Singapore

I started this Hundred Day Diary thing as an encouragement to write. About anything, no matter how silly, or mundane.

I began blogging in 1998, enjoying the revelation of getting something I made out in public. Along with that have come the lessons of getting work in public (which I am still learning, I might add). The next year, I left for Australia. For me, blogging and the migrant experience are indelibly linked. That’s all I’ve ever really written about – transition, progression, the two-steps-forward-one-step back cha-cha that is the nature of change and how we adapt ourselves to new frameworks, from a personal perspective.

I stopped writing about this, or anything else, when I began photographing. I’m not sure why, except that in many ways photography still encourages me to play the distanced voyeur. Glass as a protective mechanism.

Writing is sharing breath, demanding the full measure of a soul laid bare.