Day 17 (part 2) of 100, Singapore

I was talking to my sister on the phone today, and she was telling me about some man trying to impress her with his expensive camera gear and how (presumably) good he was at using it. There is a sly chuckle to be had in here somewhere. Please have it.

Somewhere during the course of that conversation, it was revealed that my sister had a sister who was a photographer.

My darling sibling then smiled like the cat who got the cream – I imagine, not having been there – and said:

“If I’ve learned anything from my sister, it’s that it doesn’t matter how expensive the camera is. It’s all in the photographer who uses it.”



6 thoughts on “17

  1. What? It’s not about the camera? Shit. I’ve got to rethink my photography workshop series. “How to Get Rich with Photography.” Twenty slots left.

    1. You’re going to be loaded flogging that gear shit. Margaritas are on you next time we’re in town!

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