18: learning to see

Day 18 of 100, Singapore

What made me sign up for artist Nicola Anthony’s Ways of Seeing workshop last week, was the impression of a winding thread – a vein of spreading blue.

It was a refresher on the possibilities of looking, extending away from the one I’ve come to regard as default. I learned, among other things, how I define things, what contexts drive me, and what my attention drifts to. The workshop itself channeled the activity of seeing, by drawing – not shunting light through semiconductors, but the persuasion of lead on paper.

It was an unsticking of habit, a timely and necessary refresh. A setting free. As was – bonus! – the insight to Nicola’s own artistic process, when she spoke about the Intersection (exhibition) work afterwards.


Nicola Anthony and poet Marc Nair have a collaborative work of poetry and visual art called Intersection currently on exhibit at Intersections gallery. It’s been extended through to March 11, so if you’re in town, go enjoy it here.

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  1. greg g says:

    Interesting… alas so far, far away.

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