Day 22 of 100, Denmark to Germany on the train

I’ve taken the train from Copenhagen to Hannover and back many times since 2013, and it’s something I always look forward to. I love the smooth, quiet rhythm of modern trains, their large, clear windows that open out onto the country rushing by, and the leisure of it all, so differetn from the bipolar rush-wait-rush of flying (although I will admit, I still love to fly).

It will take us 8 hours to get to our destination, in 3 legs. I will, as always, be torn between shooting, reading and writing, as the train is a perfect place to do all/any of them. To resolve the dilemma, I will probably just sleep.



4 thoughts on “22

  1. Same feelings here. Had to take the train last Friday from Berlin back to Zurich, because there was a strike at the airport. A nine hour train ride via Frankfurt to Zurich. At first I thought OMG – but after an hour in the train, I enjoyed the flow of landscapes passing by my window. Reminder to myself: take the train more often.

  2. That is a good resolution to the problem, Charlene. :-)
    I miss the travel by train that Europe afforded me in my younger days. Even travel by train in the NE of the U.S. wasn’t the same. And despite the Iron Horse’s impact on the colonization of the western U. S, travel by train out her is neither convenient nor economical. I envy you this.
    Hope this phase of your journey is going smoothly.

    1. It’s a little hard to get away from the car in the US. Yeah it’s good to be here after some hiccups – all good so far. And it’s good to be on the train again.

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