Day 23 of 100, Hannover, Germany

It was grey in Hannover at daybreak. It had rained when we arrived at my cousin’s the night before, and a bit of that was still hanging around.

But Hannover is 10 degrees warmer than Copenhagen, for which my runny nose was thankful – the first thing I did upon clearing customs in Copenhagen, was catch a cold while waiting for the train. This always happens when I arrive in March.

The grey gave way to sunshine eventually though, and I got my first taste of the woods in winter: Hannover’s forest is completely bare, save the odd stand of conifer. Bare trees gnarl into the sky, a canopy of capillaries over the muddy brown paths. Here and there we’d see bright anoraks of dog walkers flashing between the trunks, footsteps eaten up by the stillness of trees sleeping.


  1. That place would look so good with a strip mall with a tattoo parlor, dry cleaners, Thai restaurant, auto parts store and smoke shop. And a parking lot for 5000 cars. Just a thought.

    1. Charlene says:

      Totally. Why have vegetation when you can have Vegas?

  2. Ian Boys says:

    It’s a lovely wood, I’ve spent many hours cycling there. Hannover always seems a very civilised city to me. Not too big, not to overbuilt.

    1. Charlene says:

      Agreed. It doesn’t have that big urban center feel to it, which is a nice change after being in Singapore for 3 months. You could say it is quite a change of pace!

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