Day 24 of 100, Hannover, Germany

I haven’t touched my laptop since leaving Singapore, a good rest which also explains the lack of blog posts being published during the week… and the deluge of them now.

I have been writing these posts at the end of everyday though, faithfully on bits of paper, knowing that one day I’ll pull the laptop out of its bag, type all the posts up, and run through other work waiting for me.

These breaks from my computer tend to impose themselves on me at odd times – usuall after I’ve spent an extended amount of time working on it, which describes the three weeks between my first (failed) flight, and the second (successful) one.

This is one of the good things about being a freelancer: when my body tells me it’s had enough, I stop and let it rest. I’m never really disconnected. Some of the work I do happens on my phone, where I also monitor emails in case anything urgent comes in, and pretty much do all my reading on – from ebooks to news to everything else. I don’t love reading on the phone (it’s too small and finicky), and if not for one thing, would still be using a Kindle. But over the course of Christmas in Singapore, I discovered that the National Library of Singapore has an enormous ebook collection that I can borrow and read on the Overdrive app (it’s like Kindle for libraries). ‘Nuff said.

The National Library system is one of my favourite things about my home country. I’m always in an out of some library or another when I’m back there, so it’s totally freaking awesome that I can bring all of this love with me while I travel

You know that swoony emoticon with heart shaped eyes? That’s me to the library.

But where was I… oh yes, dragging out the laptop. I read on my phone, but I can’t work on it – it’s not the most lovely device for typing anything longer than a careless message on. I’ve always found pen-on-paper a conducive interface for writing, necessary to thinking and flow. I’ve enjoyed scribbling out my blog posts on my random sheets of paper, and an effective antidote to my present life where ink on paper is sadly missing.

Getting the laptop out? I was going to do it today, truly, I was.


  1. Brian Miller says:

    We have the same system with our city library (and use the same app) which has been great fun for downloading audiobooks to listen to with the children as we’ve driven to Santa Fe each weekend this winter for skiing. Absolutely love it!

    1. Charlene says:

      I have to say that the library was one of the things i missed the most about never being in one place. I miss physical books still, but this is definitely a fantastic alternative. Go technology!

    2. Charlene says:

      Also…ahhhhhh Santa Fe….

      1. Brian Miller says:

        Given my comment on your other post, the irony is we can get to Santa Fe……by train! A beautiful and calming ride (and though it can be done by connecting with a shuttle up the mountain, it’s not so good for getting us to the ski slopes).

    3. Charlene says:

      I remember that rail journey very well, heading from Santa Fe to your place back in mid 2013. It’s one of the better rail journeys I’ve had the pleasure of making. But no, it wouldn’t quite deliver you to the slopes…. there is REI across the road from the station though, if you were lacking gear ;)

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