Day 28 of 100, Hannover, Germany

This day’s unexpected encounter: premature twins.

These ones – a fragile handful – were sleeping sweetly in their incubators when we (Flemming, myself, and their mother) arrived, cushioned by their blankets and a mass of tubes and wires that were part of the infrastructure that kept them going, growing. They yawned and stretched and mewled like kittens when awakened.

I made pictures of them with their parents and grandparents, quite overwhelmed at our capacity to fight for those we love. And hoped that the pictures I made in such a short time, would hint at some sliver of that.


  1. Wow! So special to be present for that!

    (Is it insensitive to admit that preemies look like aliens to me?)

    1. You know, I’ve not been around a whole lot of babies so these ones looked full person to me. They had no body fat, so their hands and faces were very much like adult ones – bone structure, veins, etc in full relief (skin was still very delicate though).

      To me, it’s regular babies that look somewhat otherworldly – facially indistinct and rather… bouncy.

      But yeah, i haven’t been around a whole lot of babies or young children, so my views on them are limited and odd (even i will admit that). I still think a lot about this encounter. It really was very, very special.

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