Day 33 of 100, Northern Jutland, Denmark

I’ve been enjoying writing these blog posts on paper. They flow unhindered on paper, unlike when I try and type them and am assaulted by digital monkeys in my head, which means I spend about 4500% less time writing them slowly with a pen, than when I do typing about 5000% faster. The internet is my drug and undoing.

I have, however, been enjoying the physical writing of these random missives so much, that typing them up on a keyboard has lost its lustre.

Stupid and/or ironic? Yes.

Exchanging pixel
For ink is beside the point
When its for a blog

I’m flexing for my hundred days of haiku. Ok, no, I’m not. Even I can’t maintain enthusiasm for that level of silliness for that long. I just like the alliteration. I am however, enjoying this writing exercise, the discipline of it (although I may need to level up on the discipline of actually posting said writing) and am thinking that my next blogging project needs to be a little more targeted.

I’m thinking a series of utterly mundane delights for the nomadic hermit: traveling when the idea of it scares the daylights out of you. Transit For The Terrified, Wayfaring for the Withdrawn Wanderer. Etc. Stay tuned.

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