The Path Forward – Part 1

Day 40 of 100, Denmark to Germany on the train

I started writing this one almost 2 weeks ago, flashing by fields, towns, stations, borders, on our way from Denmark to Germany for the second time. Family calls, and the train journey soothes. Over the past week and a bit, I’ve been adding and adding to it, so it’s coming to you in parts.

We’ve been a week in the country, visiting with Flemming’s father, and I’ve found myself thinking more than once that I could easily get used to this living “in the middle of nowhere” business, especeially since this particular “nowhere” comes equipped with blazing fast 4G.

Finished one of the best books I’ve come across in a while: Yaa Gyazi’s Homegoing. Read The Guardian’s review.


The process of rail travel is still a mercifully meditative one. Nevermind the romance, I just appreciate the lack of terrorisation by anti-terrorism measures that are a part of flying these days, including the recent debacle that saw me being refused a flight by an airline I will not name here: not because I had done anything wrong, but because they did. The shocking thing? They acknowledged it. Ye gods, who would have thought such a thing!

My mind turns to long term things, which at this point is mostly fueled by the unhappy level of my bank account.

I need to find a job.

(To be continued in the next post)