Berlin #1

Day 50 of 100, Hannover to Berlin, Germany

We’re off to Berlin today – my first visit to this historic city, and Flemming’s second.

What is momentous about this trip:

  1. It’s short: Just under 4 days: it’s my favourite time traveller’s birthday – he turns either 25, or 905, depending on your point of view – and we are going to have a quick getaway before heading back to Denmark
  2. We’re leaving our laptops behind

We’ve done neither of these things before: have a short holiday, or not brought at least one laptop for insurance. On the latter point, we build and maintain websites for a living, which means that we need to respond to issues when they happen. Flemming recently bought himself a nice Samsung tablet though, which is big enough to work on in an emergency, so that was what came along. On the former: we’ve never done this either for practicality. Not only is dragging 25 – 30 kilos of your entire life around a pain in the @&#$% (meaning moving around frivolously off the cards), shorter trips also cost more in the long run.

This time though, it was our phones, a tablet, and one little bag of clothing between us. Neither of us has ever travelled this light. Thus unburdened and flush with frivolity, let’s see how much of Berlin we don’t manage to see in 2 and a bit days!


  1. Samsung tablet? Blasphemy! Berlin is boring. Nothing happens there. Nothing creative at all. You should come to Costa Mesa. It’s AWESOME and we have everything.

    1. Charlene says:

      But you don’t have Camrys!

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