Yet another rail journey

Day 56 of 100, Hannover, Germany

Holding patterns. They start the day before the journey, ghosting around picking things up, ticking them off a list, putting them into a bag, and repacking. And repacking. The agitation of Not All Here.

I hate my big bag everytime. In the four years I’ve been moving around, it’s gone from 23 kilos, to 18, and presently hovers around 15. Which isn’t a lot to live out of. But it could be lighter. It’s that quest, you know, the one to rid myself of that additional kilo. To travel lighter, leaner, because that must always be better, less arbitrarily chaotic. Order. Order is good.

Today though, my bag is closer to 20 kilos than 15. Additional kilos of tangible love (and water, for the 8 hour rail journey) from one family to another.

The best kind of weight to carry, even on the road.